Breakfast Blahs!

Our school started serving breakfast this year.  The kids love having breakfast. 

Because of space limitations our breakfast is a grab and go!  Grab and Go back to your room for the older kids and the younger kid have their breakfast delivered to the room.  Students do not come early to eat breakfast so... they eat while we are starting school.  I've been very frustrated with this because of the time it takes away from work time. 

Does anyone else have this dilemma and what should I do to make it work out smoother?  I'm starting to work on my new schedule and could use some support.  Thank you for your input!


  1. Our school has breakfast, the line starts about 10 minutes before our start time, so that makes things a little smoother. My K's have to go through the line and bring it to the room themselves. I usually have EB work in the morning, and they eat while doing their work. After everyone was in the room, I set a time for about 7 minutes. They had to be finished by then. They learned to eat pretty quickly so that we could move on.

  2. Our school has had breakfast offered even before I started there. Kids are suppose to have time to go eat breakfast in the cafeteria before coming to us but kids still end up bringing breakfast to the classroom. On a given day we have at least 10 eating and if they ask, we have to send them unless it's past the last bell. Our policy has been for the kids to eat at the back table, they are required to clean up or all can move their card... we also give them a time limit. Breakfast always cuts into the start of our core curriculum but we let our morning work extend 10 min or so into our schedule. If we could have created our own schedule, I wonder if this could have been work station time...

    Primary Connections

  3. We are mandated to serve breakfast to ALL of our children. The kids come from the bus to the classroom - put their things away and we begin our day (normally morning work and read a story). THEN we go to breakfast at 10:00 until 10:30, kids begin arriving at 9, the tardy bell rings at 9:30. It makes for a very broken up morning. I wish I had a solution for you, but I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.


  4. All my kids eat breakfast in the morning but it is served before school time. Students will come in late because they ate breakfast but they always eat in the cafeteria. If my children had to eat in the room I would play a CD/book on tape or do a fun chapter book read aloud during this time. That way the kids can eat their breakfast while still learning. I would also tell them they could only throw away their trays/food when the story or chapter was done. This way there is no movement so students can focus. Hope this helps you out!

  5. Oh my gosh, yes and it drives me nuts!! The kids have breakfast, but so many of them come on the bus and by the time they get their breakfast it's time to come into class. They are dismissed to classrooms 10 minutes before class starts, so in theory its enough time to eat, but often they come in as the bell rings holding their food. I begin circle/morning meeting at 8:25 (class begins at 8:20) and though they inevitably miss out on their morning work/part of circle, I give them until 8:30 (reading begins) to finish. I have some slow eaters, so I give them a few kind reminders that time is almost up and at 8:30 I say "time for you to clean up and come join us". It's not perfect, but it works for me. It can be so frustrating when they miss out on so much with morning work! :(

    Mrs. Bee
    Bee's KinderGarden

  6. In my old school we had breakfast delivered and we ate in the room. I used it as a time to see who was here when I called them by tables to get their breakfast from the bags. They ate and worked on DOL and any other morning assignments. Took about 15 min to eat and they cleaned their tables and we were off on our day. It made the day start out calm and with no one running around. Once the routine was in place it was all easy peasy!

  7. My district has "Breakfast in the Classroom" ... and has for the last 5 years or so. (Cafeteria ladies bring the breakfast to each of the classroom, we pass it out to the students, and they have 15 minutes to eat.) Because of this, our school started the school day 15 minutes early to accommodate the breakfast.
    I have done different things in the past. I have had them work on a 1/2 page "warm-up" that varied from handwriting practice to math practice. I've also had students use that time to talk with each other about our "Question of the Day" from our reading series. This last year, I used that time for students to take out their homework and I did a quick homework check while they were eating. (It was also a quick way for me to take attendance during that time too!).
    But when the bell rings, students have to clean up and put the trash bag outside - along with the breakfast totes - to be picked up. I always save the breakfast for those students who weren't there just in case they show up late. I always let my tardy students eat breakfast ... within reason. (If they come within an hour or so before we go to lunch, I just guess that at that point they ate breakfast at home.)


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