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Happy Spring!  (or should I say summer!)  In Wisconsin it's been unseasonably warm!  How about by you?

Well, tomorrow I have to go in for jury duty.  I've never had to do this before.  I think it's kind of exciting but a little stressful on my family.  I have great friends that are helping me out with my kids after school until my husband can pick them up!

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March 20th and 21st
Check out some of these units that might help you get through the year!!

Flipchart link is above.

 Flipchart is linked above.


  1. I purchased your Poetry Search sheets. Can you please share with me where or what type of poems you use. The sheets seem very specific to certain skills.

    1. Hi Donna,

      I originally made these in reference to our reading series which was Scholastic. However, I just typed up poems and put them in a binder. We worked on one poem a week. I am currently using Treasures reading series. They work with any poems you are using just pick the one that would use the skills you have already taught. Good Luck!


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