Gertrude McFuzz

Gertrude McFuzz is one of my favorite books by Dr. Seuss.  I couldn't wait to read it today!  We also read both Horton books.  It's been a busy day! 

The students are adding the book titles to our hat.  We talked about titles having capitals for the important words - although Dr. Seuss uses capitals in the whole word. 

Today we worked on the promethean board with contractions and then they did their own contraction booklet.  They did pretty good!

On sale today!

This is a sample of the booklet page!
Yesterday our librarian treated our kiddos to a Cat in the Hat treat!  Yummy!

Nilla Wafer, frosting, marshmallow, gummy life saver and red frosting!


Dr. Seuss Week

We had in-service yesterday on differentiation so we started our unit today!  We started our morning with our principal reading The Cat in the Hat.  She is such a great reader - the kids were totally engaged.
We then wrote a letter to the Cat in the Hat and wrote it as if we were the kids or the fish.  The letters were really cute!  Click to get your own copy.   This is included in my TpT Dr. Seuss Unit along with a lot of other writing ideas.


We watched Yertle the Turtle on You tube and then filled out the Main Idea and details concept map.  I then had each kid sit on the "throne" and wear the king crown.  They wrote about what kind of king they would be.  Would they be a good ruler or a mean ruler like Yertle?
A Nice "Queen"

An Evil, Happy King!

Oh my - watch out for this queen!
 Happy Tuesday!

Leap on over!

Teacherpayteachers is hosting a Leap Day Sale and I'm joining in!  I am offering 20% off plus their 8% gives you a fabulous 28% Off!!  Stop on over and get those wish list items!  Remember to use the promo code above to get the additional discount!



Dr. Seuss Flipchart!

I just finished my flipchart for Dr. Seuss.  I can't wait to use it next week.  If you want a copy stop at TpT and pick it up for $4.00!  Click on the title page to go there.  For copy right reasons I am no longer selling these items. A few sample pages follow.

I also added more to my Dr. Seuss thematic unit and reduced the price to $8.00.  I want this to be more affordable for everyone.  Here's a preview.


Are you ready?

I've been busily planning Dr. Seuss week.  It's one of my favorite weeks of the year.  We are so busy!

I have my door all ready to list all the books we read.

I've made some new centers and I got all my Kohl's Dr. Seuss stuffed characters out.  I was really hoping they were going to have another Dr. Seuss book out such as The Lorax!  Anyone going to go see the movie?  I saw some previews and I'm not sure it's going to live up to Seuss standards but we'll see.

If you need more ideas for Monday check out my unit.  Here's a previous post of a few samples.  Have a great week!  I can't wait to see what everyone is doing!

Our Bodies Grow

We are continuing on with our body unit!  I just love teaching this!  They were having so much fun singing and dancing to the song Dem Bones!

Wednesday we added the heart and did some dancing to Dr. Jean's Lettercise song.  We got to feel our heartbeat increase!!

Here's some photo updates!
The heart is upside down and green!  Hope she's feeling ok!

Sorry for the blur.  When we glue on the ribcage we only glue half so they can lift it up and view the heart.

Here's a link to my body unit on TpT! Stop by to check it out or see some freebies! I'm working at uploading The Body Unit with the Promethean Board.  I have great links to use along with this unit.


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