Spring is Ducky!! Poetry Freebie!

He's winking !!

Today we filled in a spring poem with adjectives.  After they wrote them they all stood up to recite it.  It was great oral practice.  Click here for the poem.

Zzzzzzzzzzz and a freebie!

Are any of you as tired as I am???  This has been a long week and we have until next Thursday before we start spring break.  The kids are ready for a break too!

We are learning about synonyms and The First Grade Parade shared her cute worksheets with us.  On the post scroll down to see her in a cute chef hat!

I added some of these ideas to a promethean board lesson.  Grab it here for free.  Sorry no photos today!  I'll try to get some uploaded soon.


Easter Linky Party

Stop over to Hopkins' Hoppin Happenings for an Easter Linky Party!  Wow I was post number 155!!  You won't be short of ideas.  Click above for a direct link to the Linky Party.  Click below to go to his site.

Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings

Aaaaargh Mateys

I sat down in front of my very chatty class to read the story Pirate Mark from The Babbling Abby.  I just blurted out a big aaargh.  I got their attention!  Then they saw me with my pirate patch!!  Now that got their attention.  Do you know it's hard to read with only one eye!

After the reading they each got their own eye patch to go on a treasure hunt for ar words.

After they filled up the map with ar words they came back to the group and we wrote them on the interactive white board.
Then they went around the room collecting the words and adding them to the treasure map.  Their treasure was extra recess.

Ahoy Mateys!  See you tomorrow!

Anchor Chart

We've been working on adjectives so we made this anchor chart.

In the box I drew a noun.  I drew a frog because we were reading Frog and Toad books.  

Then we came up with adjectives to describe the frog.  We talked about how the adjective long described his tongue but not all of him.  

First I drew arrows the the adjectives showing that the frog is all five of these things.  Then one of my students suggested we draw the arrow back to show that these words describe a frog.  Great thinking!!  We then came up orally with a sentence that used one adjective.  (The frog is cute) and (The cute frog was my pet.)  This showed how to use the adjective in two different spots.  

Then we used two, three, four and finally all five which we wrote down.  Then each student visualized what they wanted to draw.  Then shared the idea quickly with their neighbor and then went to draw it on their own sheet that looks a lot like the anchor chart.  My co-worker made it up so I will have to ask her if she's willing to let me share.  Lots of fun, descriptive sentences came from this activity!!


Knights with character???

Today we finish up our knights.  We added bodies and arms.  I said it was their choice if they wanted to trace their hands and add those.  They turned out cute.  I let them add a design to the armor.  Some did fantastic with that.  Didn't you know that armor has pictures of princesses!!  I have one that isn't pictured that is rainbow colored!  Pick up the template and the rest of the unit at TpT for $4.50.

We are learning about being a good citizen in social studies and I've had this video in the closet for awhile.
 I forgot how cute it is.  The songs are really catchy.  I'll have to see if I can get the soundtrack for this.  Click on the video for a link to amazon.


Is today over? Phew!!

Today is the day when I only get a 20 minute break for library!  It makes for a long day and the kiddos are so wound up with this unusual warm weather!

I read Fly Guy vs the Flyswatter.  What a cute book.  Then we played Whap!  This is where we are in two teams and hit a word with a flyswatter that I call out.  We used the Fly Guy Words from  the unit I bought from Lindsey from theteacherwife.blogspot.com.  It's such a cute unit.  Full of ideas.

We then read Knight Mike and his Long I Adventures and highlighted all the long i words and wrote the words on his shield.  Then we made the knight.  

If you want the pattern you can get it at my TpT store.
Then we went to computers and played Frog and Toad Checkers.  That was a lot of fun!!
For math we are learning about Hundreds, Tens and Ones and regrouping.  the students each used the mats and I used this link from Everyday Math.
Before Regrouping

After Regrouping

This a photo of the white board.  The longs and cubes can link together to regroup.  It's very visual.

Now after everyone left I took a look at the floor - Oh my!  They forgot to clean up!  I bribed my own kids to clean it up!  Chocolate goes a long way!!

I guess it shows we had a busy day but that's not the way I want to end my day!  They will be helping me out tomorrow!!

Using Real Player with Youtube

Do you use videos in your interactive whiteboards?  I do a lot and I like to convert them to files so they are not links to the websites.  I just came across a new way and it's easy!

First you need to have RealPlayer installed on your computer.  It's a free download.

Then when you start your youtube video a link to RealPlayer above the video shows up.

This pops up and shows it's working.

Toward the bottom you choose what device you want it downloaded for.  There are many choices.  At work I used a blackberry download and it worked for the promethean board.  You can choose where you want to save it to.   At home I clicked a PC to try that one and it worked too.  

Have fun converting!
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Happy Spring!  
Today and Tomorrow is my Spring Sale!

Everything in my TpT store is 15% Off!!
March 20th and 21st
Check out some of these units that might help you get through the year!!

Flipchart link is above.

 Flipchart is linked above.


Spring Sale 15% Off

Happy Spring!  (or should I say summer!)  In Wisconsin it's been unseasonably warm!  How about by you?

Well, tomorrow I have to go in for jury duty.  I've never had to do this before.  I think it's kind of exciting but a little stressful on my family.  I have great friends that are helping me out with my kids after school until my husband can pick them up!

Everything in my TpT store is 15% Off!!
March 20th and 21st
Check out some of these units that might help you get through the year!!

Flipchart link is above.

 Flipchart is linked above.

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