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Main Idea Freebie

Last week we read the Laura Numeroff books.  The kiddos just love these books!
We started with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and If You Take a Mouse to School.  We figured out the Main Ideas together and wrote them on the following recording sheet.

As we went through the week and read more stories the students wrote the main idea independently and then we discussed it.  I was happy to see the students understanding and picking out the main idea.  Click on the main idea worksheets to get a free copy.

This was a great chance to do a compare and contrast of the two stories.  It always amazes me that the students can come up with an idea that I have never thought about yet.  I love seeing how their brain works.

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Giraffes Can't Dance And Song and Dance Man Freebie


Giraffes Can't Dance is a cute story of Gerald the giraffe, who wants to be a good dancer. Dancing is pretty tough for him and Gerald finally learns to dance to his own tune when he gets some support from an unlikely friend.

I've owned this book for awhile and I never realized how cute the book was.  I have the CD from Scholastic and it's a great addition!  The students loved the music on the CD.  They were moving and grooving with the different types of music.

Comprehension: Visualization, Compare and Contrast
Writing:  Writing to a prompt
Vocabulary:  shoots, buckled, jungle, roar, perform, entertain, violin, beautiful, wonderful
     (Prior to reading the book aloud to the class, mark the vocabulary with highlighter tape or a post-it note.         Discuss the word in context.)

Youtube has some read alouds from the story.  Here's one:

I chose this book to compare with Giraffe's Can't Dance.  This story discusses Vaudville.  To explain this vocabulary word I first showed this video clip.

This story was a little challenging for them to come up with a problem.  I needed to guide them through it.

This T-chart was very helpful with guiding the students with specific items to compare and contrast.

This was the writing prompt that students wrote during the week.  The students worked on this during Work on Writing for Daily Five.  On Friday we made the cute giraffe and added our writing.

"I like to sleep.  It is wonderful.  Kids need to get 11 hours of sleep."
(Is this cute or what?)

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