How to Writing and Freebie booklet

This week we are exploring the fun writing process of How to...  I brought in things that I read that tell me how to do something.  (An instruction sheet, form, cooking magazine).  The students then brainstormed a list where they find how to's!

How to Make Kook-aid! 

I start by asking the students, "Who can tell me what to do to make Kool-aid?"  First response was, "dump the sugar in."  So I pick up the sugar and act like I'm going to dump it all in.  They start to shout NO!  So we stop and talk about what I should do first!  Directions need to be in a sequence.  I put a #1 on the chart paper and we proceed to put them in order.

I had to put the water in first because I don't have a sink so I had to get it during recess.  It still worked ok. 
Ingredients and materials.  I brought a half-cup so we could discuss the fraction and how to make it a whole cup.  Plus we did 2 packages of Kool-aid so we had to figure out how much sugar was needed!

My Top Banana Birthday girl was my helper today!

Wow - orange water!  They acted like they had never seen Kool-aid before!

Stir and stir!

What was I thinking by using all this sugar!  I got rave reviews for being the best teacher ever!  Granted I'm only their third teacher!!

Now it's their turn to write their own How to... book.  We brainstormed a list of ideas.

These are the booklets I made.  They love the premade books.  They feel like professional authors!

My copy machine makes these booklets for me.  I put in the full size sheet and walla!  A booklet!

This is the writer's checklist included in the back of the booklet.  We will go over my example to see if I did everything too.  Then they will do it independently.

Grab your own How to... booklet.  Click here!  If you download please leave feedback and become a follower!  I hope you like!!


Cause and Effect

Today I introduced Cause and Effect!

We started by making an anchor chart!  Surprisingly, they were able to provide some input on what it was even before I taught it.  My anchor charts are not as cute as some but the students get the point!

We came up with some clue words to look for when we were reading.  But we also discussed that sometimes there are not clue words to help us and we need to ask ourselves why did that happen?

This is my CAFE board.  I love having the pocket charts.  I refer to it almost on a daily basis.  I move them around to fit my needs.  If you want the headers click here.  They are free.  You can also pick up other Daily Five items!

Tomorrow, we are continuing on with Cause and Effect.  We are reading I Repeat, Don't Cheat! by Margery Cuyler.  Click photo to go to Amazon.  There are a lot of cause and effects in this cute book and a great discussion topic!  Great for many ages!  We will be filling out a cause and effect graphic organizer after we read the story.  We will also look for clue words.  Get those magnifying glasses out!

For Earth Day we used the Lorax mustache to add to our writing.  This unit was provided by  It's a freebie!  Very Cute!  But isn't my little guy the cutest too!  He spiked his hair - I think there is resemblance!


Let's Compare and Contrast!!  All kinds of comprehension going on in our room!

Giveaway for 1,000 Followers! Wow!

I can't imagine 1,000 followers but Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After has done just that!  Stop by her blog to sign up for the giveaway!  

I'm nearing 600 followers, maybe it's time for me to do a give away too!!

Updated Units - Please Redownload!

I know this is probably too late to use this year but I just finished updating it.  If you have purchased it previously please download it again!

TpT or TN

I've also updated my number story journal packet.  I had a customer request homework for this pack - so ask and it shall be done!  Again, if you previously purchased it, download it again!

TpT or TN


Worm Habitat! Yuck!

Worm Unit

Do you like worms?  I'm not a big fan but boy oh boy do the boys love them!  In the spring I like to bring in worms for the class to explore and learn about.  I set up an old aquarium into their habitat.  I've seen people use Styrofoam coolers but you can't see all the tunneling they do.

Click above to get my mini unit on worms.  Happy Spring!!


Fossil Fun

My son's sixth grade class was learning about fossils.  His teacher asked us to do a buddy project!  What fun.  We joined up with the sixth graders and they taught my firsties how a real fossil is formed and shared pictures from their textbook.

Then they each got to make a fossil.  Each dixie cup contained clay in the bottom.  They picked out a small animal and pushed it into the clay.  After it made the impression they took the animal out and poured a little water on top.  Last the teacher poured plaster of paris on them and they sat for the weekend.  The sixth graders came down to our room and delivered the fossils.  They were pretty cute - sorry no picture.  They were also very fragile.  One child dropped it and shattered - lots of tears.  Next year - make extras.
Picking out the animals - how do I choose!

This is my son, Josh!!

Lots of curiosity!

Used small plastic animals!

What buddy activities do you do?  I'm always looking for suggestions.

Updated and Better Seed and Plant Unit and a FREEBIE

I am so excited to have updated my Seed and Plant Unit.  I added some math centers and word wall work and added some really cute clipart!  I'm hoping to update more of my units this summer!

At this point of the year I'm trying to step up the math and I'm introducing double digit addition with no regrouping.  We done this previously with the 100s grid and blocks but now I'm just going to teach it the old fashioned way!  So I made a center for this and a worksheet to test them independently after they complete the center.  
Students will add the double digit problems on the petals and put them around the correct potted plant.  The pedals are self-checking!


There are two levels for the Place Value Write the Room.  The recording sheets have pictures to correlate to the level so they know which card to look for.

Of course I kept in my wonderful Mr. Potato Head pieces that my brother drew for me!  He's an awesome artist!   Add these to your plant cups for a lot of fun!
If you're interested please stop by either of my shops!
TpT or TN

Here's the freebie I promised you!  It's part of my Seeds and Plant Unit.  If you like this word bingo you can get more at TpT and TN for $2.00.  Click on the picture to get your freebie!

Well my break is almost over and back to the kiddos!  Tomorrow, I'm scrapbooking all day with my friends!  Enjoy the rest of your time off!


Lots and Lots of Freebies!

Would you love to get a lot of freebies?  Of course!!  Classroom Freebies and Classroom Freebies 2 authors put together a super bunch of freebies! Click here for this Pinterest link!!  Share it with your friends and repin it!!

You will get my word wall bingo game board for Earth Day!

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