Scanning Frenzy!

This summer I am tackling the paper demon!!  Does anyone else have a problem with paper in their classrooms (or at home!)  I hate filing!

So...  I am scanning all my papers into digital files.  I have already scanned in over 400 pages and recycled them!!  You know all those worksheets you've copied from Teacher's Helper or the great ideas you've printed off of blogs...scan them and file them away!  I have 3 file cabinets and my goal is to get down to 1!

I am labeling everything very specific so I know how to find it again!  I am also labeling the ones that I know with the common core standard so I can search the standard and it will list those files.

I know I'm getting rid ofa lot of paper now but I hope to print a lot less in the future so I can save the trees!  I'll only print what I need!

Let me know if you have tried this and how it went or suggestions!  Happy Scanning!
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