Super Improvers Wall and Genius Writers with Whole Brain Teaching

I'm so excited to start My Super Improvers tomorrow!  The kids will be in shock when they come in and the clip chart is gone!  They love moving up the chart but I hope that they will love this more.  

Each child have a color coordinated card to the chart.  You can't see the bottom one but it says Beginner (white).  Each time I notice a child improving they earn a star!  This can be in behavior, academics or even handwriting!  When they earn 10 stars they move up to the next level!  The final level is Living Legend!  A teacher I watched on video keeps her Living Legends up from year to year so they can come back and see their names!!  How cool is that!?

I am absolutely loving Whole Brain Teaching for Writing!  My students are writing these fantastic sentences.  We started with the Blah sentence and each day added more to end up with the genius sentence.  They were so proud of their work.

This made me giggle!  Check out his super arms!

We are working on the Triple Whammy Sentence now.  We spent two days doing Oral Writing.  This is where they orally say the sentence to the class using whole brain teaching gestures.  You can watch videos and get print outs from The Whole Brain Teaching website.  Everything is free!!!
They wrote a sentence about winter.  The next step is for us to write a detail to support the sentence.  We will then continue until we are done writing a five paragraph essay!  I'm motivated and so are the students.  I'll keep you posted.
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