Do You Kahoot?

At the Wisconsin Blogger Meet Up we played Kahoot!  
What a fun game to play with your class! 
It's a powerful tool to assist your class with learning!

It works on any device that has internet connection.

Go to this link and sign up for your free account.
Then you can play games that have been created by others or create your own.

Students log into  They enter the number that is on the display screen.

This is a sample of what the students will see on the computer screen.  They read the question and choose the correct answer.  They select the same color on their device.

The students see the four colored squares on their device and then they tap the square.  After everyone in the class has entered their answer the projected computer with show the correct answer.  

The students earn more points the quicker they answer the question.

The screen displays the top scores with names.  If I do this in my class I would have students in partners or small groups to avoid students having their feelings hurt if they are struggling with the content.

How do you Kahoot?

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