Character Day

Character Day was a great completion to the end of a character unit.

All week we explored character traits of Raffy from the book Moon Sandwich Mom.  I forgot to take pictures of my other anchor charts.  We brainstorm characteristic traits that were on the outside and personality traits that were in the inside, such as loving, disobedient, and kind.

Students had an assignment to read a book of their choice at home and make a list of character traits associated with their character from the book.  On Wednesday, they dressed up as they character.  Some forgot to come dressed up but they still participated in the activities.

They colored these adorable characters and added what the character thinks, says, likes, does, and going to do.  I was impressed with how indepth they were with their thinking.  They not only colored the character but the surrounding with items that involved the character.

Have you done a character day?  What did you do?


Pumpkin Science Continued Day 12

Day 12:
Pumpkin Jack - outside
There is definitely more mold today! 

Jack's mouth had red mold.  I've never seen that before.  This mold was describe in the
 Rotten Pumpkin book we read. 

Pumpkin Penny has lost her teeth!

Time for Pumpkin Penny to go into a bag.  We do not want all of the mold spores all over the room.  I have one student allergic to mold.  She spent the weekend in a bag and it's beyond gross.

 We cut 2 pumpkins in half and left all the pulp and seeds inside.  These are not molding very quickly.  They are drying out.  The students thought it was very interesting.

We brought in a vine that contained flowers, green  pumpkins and over-ripe pumpkins.  They got to explore and it was fun to watch them.


Pumpkin Science Continued Day 5 and 8

Day 5:  Both of our pumpkins are starting to show signs of a little mold.  Pumpkin Penny who is inside has a bit more than Pumpkin Jack who is outside!



Day 8:  Wow after the weekend the mold in Pumpkin Penny really started to grow!  Yuck!

We didn't see much change in Pumpkin Jack!  They are starting to draw conclusions as to why that is but it not a complete discovery yet!


Pumpkin Science

What an exciting project!  We are testing our hypothesis of which pumpkin will decompose first.  A pumpkin that is inside or outside.  We started by reading the story Pumpkin Jack by Will Rubbell and Rotten Pumpkin by David Schwartz.


Meet Pumpkin Jack!
Jack is living outside!!

Meet Pumpkin Penny!
Penny is living inside on our window sill.

After 5 days both pumpkins were showing small spots of mold.
Stay tuned for an update!


Statue of Liberty Project

Our 7th grade has an immigration day every year where the kids dress up as if they are immigrating and then they go through the whole process and how they would have been treated.  It's an amazing experience for them.

This year they asked the other grades to help decorate with American art.  We made the Statue of Liberty.  I got the idea from Deep Space Sparkle.  She has so many fantastic ideas!

Check out these cute ladies!
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Looking for a Teacher from China


I am so excited to be teaching my 2nd Graders about China this year.  Every year our school hosts a Multi-cultural Night and each grade chooses a country to study.  In first grade we learned about Australia and this year I get to change!!

My husband has visited China a few times and brought us back some artifacts that I can share but I would like to make this an exceptional learning experience.  

Is there a teacher out there from China that would like to pen pal with us? We would love to Skype but that might be hard with the time difference.  

If you're up to working with us please contact me at

Could other teachers share this on their blogs and facebook etc. to help me find someone!  Thanks!


Scarecrow Acrostic Craftivity

Wow, did these scarecrows turn out cute!  I love how they make the hall so festive!  Teachers are walking by and telling me how cute they are!  I love that they are all a little bit different!
Pick up your copy today!
Happy October!

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