A Gift of Reading

Today a 5th grade class came down to buddy read with my firsties.  Fifth grade is doing a unit of "A Gift of Reading"  Each student in 5th grade had to pick a children's book that is a Caldecott winner.  They have been practicing reading it with fluency and voice.  Today they practiced with us!  Next week they have to dress up as their character!  My son has to dress up as a mouse from the book, "Owen."

Here are some cute photos!  Enjoy!
My son reading to Devon.  They were buddies last year too!
My firstie, Allie taking her hand at reading the book!

Gavin reading to his buddy!  You have to love Olivia!!

A cozy spot under the table!!
Snuggly on the couch!  This is Lawrence's aunt reading to him.


This week we are working on letter writing and we started by writing a thank you letter to our librarian for making mouse cookies with us last week.  We worked on all the parts of the letter and then they all signed it.


Coach G's Teaching Tips

Wow - this blog has some great advice about behaviors in the classroom.  I've just started reading it and I had to share it with you!  Hope you find some neat ideas!  Click here or the title to go to his blog.  I added it to my reader already!
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