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Christmas Pattern Task Cards

 Christmas Pattern Task Cards

Check out these cute Foam Scatter, I found at the Dollar Tree.  I just had to get them.  I knew the kinders would love to explore with these.  I bought two packages and I’m storing them in a Christmas cookie tin!

I came up with a pattern center to use with these.

Included are 15 tasks cards using pattern styles ABAB, ABC, AABB, AAB, ABB.

But don’t worry if you do not have the foam pieces I included cutouts for you to use.

Download Here!

Goodwill Find Inspired Math Center

 Goodwill Find Inspired Math Center

I love shopping at thrift stores for the perfect find!  Anyone else have this problem?  I think of it as therapy!

Recently, I just found all these cute little present ornaments for just a dollar!

I didn’t know what I was going to do with them but they had to come home with me!  With a little thinking I came up with this fun center! 


Students spin the spinner to pick the color of the present and roll a die to see how many presents.  Students do this twice and add them together.

My kiddos will use the cute present ornaments for manipulatives but if you can’t find these I included present cutouts for you to use.


Download Here

Encouraging a Growth Mindset in Kids - Guest Blogger

 Encouraging a Growth Mindset in Kids

A growth mindset is a mentality where an individual believes that their intelligence and abilities can be further developed and are not simply fixed. Kids who have a growth mindset often feel encouraged to work hard and meet goals as they recognize that hard work is what really determines outcomes and success. If kids recognize that working hard is what makes them smarter, they are more likely to be interested in learning.

A growth mindset can also help kids learn more about their emotions, think and act more independently, feel stronger and more positive, be more productive, recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and view challenges as opportunities.

Utilizing Printables to Encourage a Growth Mindset

There are several ways you can help kids develop a growth mindset. You can emphasize the benefits of having a growth mindset, set realistic goals and expectations, encourage creative thinking, and also utilize tools, such as printable activities.

Engaging printables can make the process of developing a growth mindset more enjoyable. Below you can find three printables for encouraging a growth mindset in kids. You can download them at the end of the post!

Emotion Grid Exercise

This activity helps kids identify and understand their emotions.

Goal Setting Worksheet

This worksheet assists kids with creating goals and developing plans for achieving them.

Growth Mindset Conversation Cube

This printable helps kids open up about how they are feeling.

Download all of these printable activities (courtesy of Tommy John) below to start helping kids develop a growth mindset.

ABC Slides - Halloween Slides

Time for alphabet review week!

Did you say No Prep!

We all need that for this week - am I right!?

You can move the slides in the order that you need them!

Start the presentation and have the class say the letter name or sound or even both!

End the lesson with a cut and paste worksheet!  Combine them all together into a little book!

Printable Fine Motor Skill Activities for Kids

I am excited to share with you a guest blogger, Julia Morrissey!

Bio: Julia Morrissey is a writer who creates helpful guides and informative content. She currently resides in New York City home and enjoys spending time with her dog, playing tennis, and eating vegan cheesecake cake.

Printable Fine Motor Skill Activities for Kids
Fine motor skills allow us to use and control the small muscle groups in our hands, wrists, and fingers. Helping kids build fine motor skills can aid them in learning to use tools, improving hand-eye coordination, becoming more independent, and feeling more confident. 

Making fun activities, which work on fine motor skill development, a part of kids’ daily routines can help them cultivate the fine motor skills they need to succeed. Check out the four summer-themed fine motor skills printables below from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. You can download all four printables at the end of the post!

Sea Animals Coloring Printable 

Ice Cream Cone Grid Drawing Printable

Beach Trip Line Tracing Printable

Rainbow Placement Printable

Using printables is a fun way for many children to develop and improve their fine motor skills. However, for children who continue to struggle, it may be useful to work with an occupational therapist who can suggest further activities and customize a plan to help them.

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