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Printable Fine Motor Skill Activities for Kids

I am excited to share with you a guest blogger, Julia Morrissey!

Bio: Julia Morrissey is a writer who creates helpful guides and informative content. She currently resides in New York City home and enjoys spending time with her dog, playing tennis, and eating vegan cheesecake cake.

Printable Fine Motor Skill Activities for Kids
Fine motor skills allow us to use and control the small muscle groups in our hands, wrists, and fingers. Helping kids build fine motor skills can aid them in learning to use tools, improving hand-eye coordination, becoming more independent, and feeling more confident. 

Making fun activities, which work on fine motor skill development, a part of kids’ daily routines can help them cultivate the fine motor skills they need to succeed. Check out the four summer-themed fine motor skills printables below from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. You can download all four printables at the end of the post!

Sea Animals Coloring Printable 

Ice Cream Cone Grid Drawing Printable

Beach Trip Line Tracing Printable

Rainbow Placement Printable

Using printables is a fun way for many children to develop and improve their fine motor skills. However, for children who continue to struggle, it may be useful to work with an occupational therapist who can suggest further activities and customize a plan to help them.

Catch Your Little Leprechauns Practicing Addition! Plus a Freebie!

I put together this easy and fun math center.  The students even play this during free time!

I found these goodies at The Dollar Tree!  Not sure if your store will still have them available.  I did buy mine early in the season.  I added some links at the bottom at Amazon for the supplies if you can't find them.

Cute little Leprechaun Pots with Handles!

I used a Sharpie Silver pen to write numbers 1 through 10 on the pots.
These have a nice smooth surface to write on. I noticed many on Amazon have a bumpy surface.  Not sure how well it will work to write on those.  Maybe add a sticker instead.

Then using green round stickers I wrote the addition problems for the sums 1 through 10 and attached them to the pretend gold coins. 

Students add the coin to the correct pot!
It's a quick and easy center to make.
It goes pretty fast for the kids to complete.  Would make a great morning activity and they love doing it more than once.

We have the students make a leprechaun trap at home as a family project.  They set them up the night before and lay out gold and pennies to entice the Leprechaun into their trap!

When the leprechaun steps onto the top it tips in!  So clever!

He used the Lucky Charms box!  They have the houses on them again this year.

This one lit up with lights to lure the leprechaun in!

They were all unique and the kids absolutely loved the project!

When the kiddos show up the next day they can't wait to see if they caught the little guy!
I leave little green footprints around the room with a tiny foot punch (link below), chocolate coins or any gold wrapped candy, and a green necklace!

Keep scrolling for a wonderful differentiated Freebie!



Thank you for visiting Little Priorities.  Here's a differentiated freebie for addition and subtraction!  
All you need to do is print out and you are ready to go!
Low Prep - that's what we all need!



Days of the Week Freebie

After Thanksgiving we are going to focus on learning the days of the week!  Most can recite them in order, although some start with January... 

Now we need to learn to read and spell them!

We will start the week by reading Today is Monday.   It's a classic loved by all.  I love singing the song with them.  This will help with learning the order of the days of the week.  I also like to hand out cards labeled with the days of the week and have the 7 kids get themselves in order and they hold up the cards as we sing their day.

If you are musically challenged here is a video that plays the song for you.

At their centers they will make this cut and paste book of the days of the week!
You can grab a copy by clicking on the picture.

Some more great books about the Days of the W eek!


Funny and cute book!  Check out the others in the series too!

This post contains affiliate links with Amazon.

USA Postcard Exchange 2019-2020

3rd Annual Postcard Exchange with Little Priorities!

Join us in writing to other classrooms around the states!

This link is for a Google Form for you to apply!

We are in need of 30 more states to make a complete group - so chances are your state is available!
This is a lot of fun and your class will love getting snail mail!

If you apply please know that we expect you to send a postcard to each of the states by the due date so the kids are not disappointed!  Thank you!

Find It Activity

Switching to kindergarten from second grade has been a whirlwind of emotions and learning.  It took me the first two months before I was happy to go to school!  Now I am in love with these kiddos!  They make my day!  Mind you... I am completely exhausted!! But I love what I am doing!  I just found out I get to stay in kindergarten and I am very excited!  Time to perfect what I have been doing and change what didn't work!

One activity that the kids are loving is a Find It activity that I made with Power Point.  The students are working on decoding and blending.  They are so proud of themselves for being able to read.  We are currently working on long vowels.

If you would like to try this out with your kiddos click the picture for the link.

Currently I have Short O and U and Long U uploaded and I am working at uploading the others.  I have a growing bundle available for a huge discount that will include all the vowels.

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