I'm Back and Revived! Get a Freebie!

I'm back from Florida!  I could have picked a better time to visit the "Sunshine State"!  We had a lot of "Liquid Rain"!!  We were down in St. Petersburg for a wedding.  We were lucky the wedding was in the sun and it was absolutely beautiful.  We took the kids to Orlando.  The storms were a bit much but we made the best of it and did as much as we could!

We drove!!  Call us nuts!  Here are couple things I did to help!

I found this on pinterest.  It worked wonderfully with the little ones.  It was great for treats and toys too. Click the pic to go to the original post.

Have to get one of these before our next road trip,this is genius!

Traveling with 5 kids in a van is no piece of cake.  So I took my classroom behavior chart and shrunk it for the car!!

Everyone started on Green! If they got to red they lost a treat at our next stop!  It worked out pretty good!  A few times we saw red and it was quickly turned around.  My 3 year old hated when he went to yellow!  Now we are using it in the house.  Love it!  Click on the photo to get your own.  I didn't make it a pdf so you can change the words to fit your needs.

I got to read a few books from my favorite author: Barbara Freethy!  I love her books and my Kindle Fire!  What a great way to bring books on a vacation!


Disney Character Autographs

We are going to Disney soon and the kids (and I) can't wait!  We are having breakfast with the characters one morning!  The kids want to get their autographs.  Disney of course sells autograph books but I am trying to save us some money so I made my own.  Click below to pick up your own copy!  Please become a follower if you download.

I haven't bound it together yet.  The clip doesn't work half bad! 

I made quite a few with their names.  There are a few papers that are blank too!

I put them in alphabetical order but you could also put them in order by  Disney shows.


Life is Hard

Do you ever have those days that you wish you'd wake up and you would have a different life?  Don't get me wrong, most of the time I love my life but sometimes when all the struggles hit at once you just want to sit down and cry!

Maybe you know or don't know that my husband and I have adopted 5 children.  Three of the five have diagnosed conditions. Having children with a disability is hard and having more than one is really hard. We struggle with organizing all our activities, getting them fed, doing homework and paying for all the extras and needs.

I want to be too many things:  an extreme coupon-er, top-notch blogger, most creative teacher, VBS director, band member, Sunday School teacher, the best mom, wife and friend, house owner, reader, homemaker, crafter, and anything else that draws my attention.  So can I be the best at all of these - NO and then I end up not being good at most of them.

I'm looking forward to summer vacation ~ this class has worn me out and I need a break.  So as I sit and reflect about what I can do to help my family and myself, I am going to take a break from blogging for most of June.  We are taking a family vacation to Florida; so there is a lot of preparing for that and the weeds in the garden are calling me (and they are not calling me nice things!)

I will try to stop in from time to time but please forgive me.  I wish you all the best summer and may your time be relaxing for you too!



Summer Help for Parents

Summer Packets!  How many of you copy them off for your students?  I have for over 18 years.  I always offer an incentive to complete them and return them in the fall.  Over all these years I've had 3 come back!  Not a good percentage... this year I'm trying something new!  I am emailing a parent resource packet!!   I hope this is more successful!

I wanted to give this away for free but I don't have the correct clip art license! :(  So you can pick this up at TpT for $1.00.

Today is the last day of my sale!  20% off of everything listed except for the above packet I just posted.   Fill your wish list for the Fall!  Click below to go there.

Guess what!!  Miss Jena Snowden is going to make my new blog design!!  I am so excited!  I can't wait to get started on this!  Stop by her site ~  she's getting close to 1,000 followers and a giveaway!!


New Blog Look!

I am need of a new blog look.  I played around with the header but I'm not super happy with it!  I love browns with blue, pink or green.  I also like the polka dots!

Please post some names and links to your favorite blog designers.  I think I want a custom design!  Of course I don't want to pay too much!

On a political note - I live in Wisconsin and we are recalling our governor dictator on June 5th!  If you live in Wisconsin make sure you get out to vote!  Obviously, I support Barrett.

End of the Year SALE!! Starts Today!!

How many of you are ready for the end of the year?  I am!!  We are done on Thursday at 10 AM!    The last day is fun!  Eat donuts, give hugs and report cards and go home!  Gotta love that kind of day!

I love you guys for following me this year.  I have had so much fun blogging and learning all about you and how everyone does things in their classrooms.  To thank you for following my blog and sharing your ideas with me ~ I am having a TpT Sale!!

 If you're new to Little Priorities ~ take some time to browse and become a follower! 

Have a fantastic summer!

Second Grade Here They Come! Freebie!

Debbie shared this cute bulletin board idea and I had to do it in my room too.  Click to go to her post.

I used their class pictures that have the stickers on the back that we get from the company.

Sorry for the glare - It's in a glass display case.

Click on the photo to get the word document to make your own letters!  Have fun!

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