Happy New Year Sale and Top Freebies

I so enjoy blogging and sharing with fellow teachers.  It's too hard to get into each other's classrooms and when I browse the blogs I feel like I can!  I am honored that you come to my little blog so I am offering 20% off of all my products at TpT!

These were my top sellers for 2012!

Now for my Top Freebies!!  Please pick them up if you haven't already!

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Monthly Activity Freebie

Start off 2013 - yes can you believe is 2013 with a super charming book!  Chicken Soup with Rice by Maurice Sendak.  I have this book in big book form and the adorable little books.

In the past I have started using this book in September and read it all year long.  This year I am going to start it in January!  We use a student booklet for them to read along with and keep in their book boxes to read independently or with their buddy.  The students get to illustrate their own copies.  Click below to get your own copy.  Let me know how it's going for you or what else you do with this great book!


Behavior Blahs - Get a Freebie to Help!

Are you thinking about that little gal or guy that is struggling to get control of their behavior and need some positive encouragement.  I use these Daily Progress Booklets to help with this.  These are made up individually for the child who needs support.  This is done in collaboration with the parents.

I only choose 2 to 3 behaviors to work on at a time.  Too many and they can't focus on improving!

Behaviors I've listed are "Sitting appropriately at the carpet, Keep hands to self, Keep area cleaned up, Using nice words to others, Being a good friend, Staying dry, Line up correctly etc."  I keep all the behaviors positive.

I made these sheets full size because I use a function on my copier to make booklets.  Check with your office people to see if you have this function.  This will reduce the size to half, fold the pages in half and staple it.

I run off one to two weeks at a time.  This gives me the option to update the behaviors if they succeeded in one or need a different behavior to work on.

I do not reward the children based on the behavior.  I talk with them daily about their behavior.  I leave it up to the parents to decide if they are going to reward.  This tool works great to communicate with the parents. We are able to write notes back and forth to each other and the students know that we talk.

I save all these booklets and use them at conferences or share them with the special ed department if I refer.

Pick up your copy by clicking below!

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!  Enjoy the rest of your vacation and have a Happy New Year!

My heart is breaking

Please pray for the families of Sandy Hook!  
God is holding you in His arms and He will never let go!


Do you Pulse??

Pulse brings all your news, magazines, social networks and what I love BLOGS in one place on your Ipad or Kindle.  I uploaded my favorite blogs from my Google Reader and I can browse all of them so quickly.  

I wish I could print from my Kindle but I just star my favorites and then I go back later to print any freebies!!

Click the logo to go to itunes to download!  Have fun Pulsing!  I do!

Write a letter to Santa and help Make-a-Wish Foundation

Today the 8th graders came down to our room to help my firsties write a letter to Santa.  We do this every year but this year is really special.  We are helping Gabriella collect 10,000 letters to Santa.  Macy has set a goal to collect 1,000,000 letters to Santa and they will donate $1,000,000 to Make-a-Wish Foundation! How cool is that?!  Hope you can help her out!

ABC News Link

Dear SantaGabriella Miller

Mail the letters to :
Dear Santa “Make-A-Wish with Gabriella,”
20899 McIntosh Place,
Leesburg, VA 20175
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