Show Off Your Space Linky Party

Swimming Into Second in having a linky party to share your classroom space!  It's been fun browsing all the rooms!  One is never done collecting ideas!

Classroom Photos

Tonight we had our Back to School Night!  My feet are plum worn out!  My flip-flop feet aren't used to heals! I took a few pics of the room.  They aren't as clear as I thought they were I guess my eyes weren't focusing too well!

 Eye on Writing Bulletin Board.  I need to remake the title.  It was too small.  The chart has their writing goals.  They will put a post-it note with their name on it next to the goal they are working on.  Found this idea on Pinterest.
Empty word wall waiting for words!

My Top Banana Board and the Word Work supplies.  I want to buy one more container.  I got these from Target.  Love the color!

Book Boxes and math Tool Kits.

I used clips to add student numbers to my mailboxs so I don't have to redo it every year.  But I have to get some Goo Gone to get the old labels off.

Writing Center!

This is where I am going to post the I Can statements.  I used zebra duct tape and added it to my white board.  I like how it looks.  I have magnet men to hold the goals.  I purchased the standards from Deanna Jump.

Reading Center

We are implementing PBIS this year.  So I just put this board up for the beginning of the year and will be changing it after we go over all the new procedures and rules.

CAFE  Board - I loved having the pocket charts for the reading strategies.
No Monkey Business Board
Whole Brain Teaching Rule Cards
Sticker Reward Charts
Behavior Clip Chart ( I use banana cutouts)

Welcome Hanger - For the life of me I can't remember where I got this freebie from!

Special Clock Schedules
This is on the door and changes daily.  This set is available at my shop for $2.50.
Have a great start to your year!  I can't wait!


Pen Pals!

 I missed out on the Postcard Exchange that I did last year. :(

But I still want to have the students work on their letter writing skills. 
So... I am looking for a class to be Pen Pals with. 

We are in Wisconsin so I'd prefer a state (or even another country) not too close to us!

We are a first grade classroom and have 19 students currently so if you have an equal amount that would be great.
I would like to write "snail" mail and email.
My goal would be to exchange letters three times.

If you are interested please email me at me.  Use my contact info.  Thanks!

Do You Six Traits??

We use six traits and I have used this website for a few years and absolutely love the free ideas!!
My team has this book and we absolutely love all the ideas that it has!  A fantastic resource!

OK - now a question for you!  
How do you teach Personal Narrative with the Six Traits?  
What mentor texts do you use? 
 Please share a posting you've done or a link!


Back to School Expo

There are five fantastic speakers presenting at the Back to School Expo!  You will get a lot of creative ideas and strategies.  Great way to get prepared for starting school without getting off your couch!

For the $10 contribution you get the following:
  • A ticket to the event ($19.95 value)
  • 30% discount on hundreds of items
  • Well over $100 worth of items in the Goodie Bag
  • Two teachers will get tickets to the event for free
Here are your five fabulous speakers!

Supply Labels - Freebie

On Back to School night our kiddos bring in their supplies.  We have a lot of community supplies that do not need to be in their desks so I ask the parents to place the supplies in a basket I have on the table.  I label the baskets.  Click below to get your own labels.  I don't collect all the supplies I made labels for but I thought you might be able to use them another way.  Their are some blank ones too.  Total 6 pages.


Lovin' this Border!

Frog Street Press has these cute double sided borders!  I love the colors!
Zebra Double Border       
I put up my boards yesterday but of course forgot my camera!  Hopefully, I'll get in next week.  All my furniture is in the hallway yet.  Getting me a bit nervous.

Our school is starting a new Jump Start Summer School next week.  Students who are recommended by their teachers start school 2 weeks earlier than everyone else.  Only 10 allowed per class.  We'll see how it turns out.  Anyone else do something like this?


Wow - I forgot!

I almost forgot that today I'm featured at:

Please stop by to pick up some cute clock numbers and some more freebies from others.  Check out the other days too!



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Have a great weekend!


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Wow there are so many promos going on this week!

Let's start with Teachers Notebook!

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Spelling Lists for Treasure Series - Freebies

Calling First Grade Treasure Reading Users!

Last May I posted a freebie with spelling pre-test forms and a link to all of my spelling lists.  I wanted to remind you to go get them so you have them from the start of this year! Click Here!  Click on each test form to get those.

Happy Testing!!


Working with Names - Freebie

At my school kindergarten and first grade has been starting the year with working with names for years.  I decided we needed to step it up a bit and I added working with last names.  We still use the first name too, but adding the last name has been fun.  Some last names are quite a challenge and students need practice learning to spell them.
Please redownload - the file didn't upload correctly the first time.  Sorry!

I've added the Common Core Standards to the unit.  
Click above to get a copy of this take home activity that works on standard: 1.MD.4  Organize, represent, and interpret data with up to three categories; ask and answer questions about the total number of data points, how many in each category, and how many more or less are in one category than in another.

Your week will be full of fun with this unit!! 
Purchase the whole unit at TpT or TN

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