Fancy Nancy Book Tea and a Freebie!

Friday was my 4th Annual Fancy Nancy Book Tea!
What fun for the kids, family and myself!  The rest of the school also gets a big kick out of the kids dressing up!  I took a few pictures of the kids but I forgot to take pictures of the table settings.  We arranged the desks together into tables and they made placemats shaped liked a butterfly based on the book, Bonjour Butterfly.  The they wrote a name poem on it!  They were so cute!  We snazzied them up with sequins and then I laminated them.

My punch "tea" table looked so cute.  We had a punch bowl surrounded by real tea cups that I had gotten from a second hand shop.  They gave me a discount when I told them it was for a school activity.  

When the family members come each child escorts (still using those fancy words) them to a seat and hands them a program.  The name of the stories and authors are included in the program.

We start the program with me reading a few poems by Jack Prelutsky about the love of reading and writing poems.  I thank the parents for coming and letting me work with their children and how it was my goal to inspire them with that love of reading and writing.  Each student has chosen a piece of writing to share with them.  They read so beautifully - I was so proud of them.  The families were too!

Then they get to eat and drink.  We all stick our fingers out and call everyone "darling!"  It's a fun time!
I always purchase the Ripon Good cookies that have the holes in the middle so they can put them on their pinkie finger!  So Cute!

You can choose to provide all the snacks as a thank you to the parents but that is a lot of work.  I did that the first few years.  Now I ask the parents for help.  I ask for them to bring in the drink, mini-muffins, cookies and fruit.  It's a beautiful arrangement and the kids love it.
  Could these kids and families be anymore posh!



You can pick up a few ideas for free from TpT.  It includes some vocabulary cards for a few of the books and some poetry ideas.  It's a unit I haven't spent a lot of time working on - by the end of the year you get a little tired!  Hope you can use some of it.  Leave some feedback and follow me on Bloglovin'.  


Retelling a story with props!

We ended our week on Thursday with the very funny story There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick by Lucille Colandro.  They love retelling the story.  They each make their own basket and then as we reread the story I add the fun items - First the Peep (chick), grass, plastic egg, and jelly beans!


Geometry and a Math Expressions Question

This week we are working on geometry in our Math Expressions book.  The lesson is broken up into two days to discuss what the attributes of a rectangle, square, triangle and circle are.  I just feel like this is going way to slow and too easy.  I have felt this way for most of the year with this series.  Does anyone else have this series and how do you feel?  Please leave comments on how you work with this series.  I'm obviously going to have it for awhile and need to raise the bar.

We had Everyday Math for 14 years and it was much more challenging than this.  I'm afraid my test scores are going to go down.

For fun the kiddos made shapes with straws and twist ties.  This is something I did with Everyday Math.

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