Twas' the Night Before Christmas Video

We are studying Christmas Around the World and we are starting with America.

I was going to read Twas the Night Before Christmas and of course I left it at home.  
What a cute video I came across.


Tomorrow we are making Santa ornaments found from  She has some wonderful ideas and freebies!

Cyber Monday TpT Sale

740 × 400

It's that time of year again!  My whole store is on sale Monday and Tuesday!!
There is also not a minimum order anymore.  Order what you want!
I hope you all had a rested Thanksgiving!  I know I did!

Increase your Holiday Book Order

This year for my class Christmas Party we are having a book exchange as 
I have done for many years but with an added twist.  

Click on the letter below to get an editable google doc.

So if you have 20 students that is $100 in orders.  You then receive an extra 200 Bonus Points, $10 to spend right now and 5 free books!  Plus, place your order by Dec. 11 with the code 50443 and earn an additional 100 bonus points. What a great gift for everyone.

I work in a low income area so for those that can't afford I will use existing bonus points to buy them a book!  I only had a few.


Word Order Cut and Paste Freebie

I made up these simple cut and paste sheets to use in my guided reading groups and literacy centers. We did one in small group and then the next week it was in their center.  

They are leveled A=Approaching, O=On Level, B =Beyond in the top left corner so you know which group to use them with.  These levels were based on my first grade class but you can adjust them to fit your needs of your students.

You can use the lines for the students to rewrite the sentences and work on the handwriting at the same time or you can increase the difficulty by having them write a continuation to the "story"!

Please leave some feedback if you download this.
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Vocab Center - Multiple Meanings

This week the students had fun looking up a word in the dictionary and looking for multiple meanings of the word.  I loved when they told me their word wasn't in any dictionary they looked in!!

Using a 9x12 piece of construction paper fold it in half short of an inch from the bottom.  This leaves space for the vocab word. 

Then cut a slit to the fold so the student will have 2 flaps.

The student writes two different definitions for the word after they look it up in the dictionary.  On the top of the flap they write the part of speech (noun, verb, etc.)

Students illustrate the two meanings on the front of the flap book.

I pre-made all the flap books and programmed them with words of my choice so I knew they had multiple meanings.  The words varied in difficulty.

Such an easy center to put together and the kids loved it!

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