Making Quick and Easy Flashcards

This is a free site to make flashcards.

If you want a front and back you can do that by adding a word and definition.  But what I like to do is make sight word cards.  They are nothing fancy but they get the job done.

Click on the PDF button when you are done adding in your words.

You can modify the settings to how you would like them to print out.  Then view PDF in a new window and Wah Lah - flashcards

The font size adjusts to fit the word.  

This would be great for students to use.  
They can make their own definition cards or addition and subtraction cards.


I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato

Do you need a quick lesson for reading intervention?
Are you looking for ideas on a specific comprehension skill?

Check out:

This fantastic site is free for signing up.  They send you periodic emails with updates on stories but they are not overwhelming!

Today I used the story: I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child
My library had a copy.

This lesson was using background knowledge to draw a reasonable conclusion about the story.
I added a pre-reading question to help build the background.  I asked them what food would they never not ever eat!  Oh, what a response I got!!  They love talking about themselves!

It was fun listening to them agree or disagree with each other about what was being said. 

I then read the story stopping at specific pages that is referenced in the lesson page to ask questions.  I wrote these questions on sticky notes and put them on the page to remind me.  

When I got to the end of the book the students were given an independent practice worksheet on answering a question to see if they could draw a conclusion about the ending of the book.  We then read these aloud and did thumbs up/thumbs down if they felt their answer drew a correct conclusion.  We also discussed opinions.

Valentine Card with the suffix -est

You're the Best!

As a class we brainstormed adjectives that ended with -est!


They made animals out of hearts and glued them to a paper.  I wish I could rotate the pictures. Students added the words to the card. They turned out so cute!!  


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