Life is Crazy!

Isn't it crazy how life can get away from you!

  • Third child is graduating from 8th grade and had to get a dress and shoes.  Of course I still need to make appointments for her hair and our mother/daughter pedicures!
  • Confirmations 
  • Planning 2 birthday parties!
  • Mother's Day Gifts!
  • Teacher Appreciation Gifts!
Then whammo my son has emergency surgery today for his shunt for his hydrocephalus! What do I do with the other 4 kids! Sub plans! Dinner.... and what.... there's a TpT sale!!!  I had no idea!!

Back to the surgery!  He had his surgery performed by the chief of staff at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin!  A fantastic facility!  Everything went perfect with his surgery and amazingly he should be coming home tomorrow!!  They even said he could go back to school for a half-day on Thursday and Friday!  I can't believe he could do that after cutting into his brain!!!

So who's up for a sale!  (Honestly... I could use a beverage too!)

If you want to stock up on anything, especially, for next year...stop on by! 
I found out I'm teaching 2nd grade again so I'm looking forward to shopping while my son sleeps!!

Have a blessed week!

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