Ocean Animals and a large freebie!

This summer I had a blast teaching a section on Ocean Animals.  I called it Under the Sea.

We started with learning about the levels of the ocean and then learned about specific animals in each level.  The kids couldn't wait to see what animal was next.

For every animal I read a book, watched videos, read articles that I wrote about the animal and then made a craft.  The craft ideas were found online.
Click Here!

Includes 7 different animals: jellyfish, squid, octopus, puffer fish, sea turtle, clown fish and hermit crab.
Black and White or Colored Copies


 Pick up Hermit Crabs for free!



Not sure who's more afraid the first day!  The kids or me!

I always lose sleep that first night with all my worries!

Check out this easy Read Aloud 
Black Lagoon Adventures - Back to School Fright

The kids can relate to Herbie!  Let them show you with this Let's Make a Connection worksheet.  Click on the worksheet to go to the link.

  I like to read a little of this book every day but you could read it in one sitting.  

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