100 Year Old Portraits

I love how he made the man bald in the middle! 

They are so cute!

They were very creative in their writing.  We used an
older looking font.


  1. These turned out cute! We haven't had our hundreth day yet because of snow days. Monday will not our 100th day PLUS our Valentine Party! I had my students do a similar thing on the 50th day of school (we dress up in 50's attire and do activities with the number 50). I was surprised at the silly things the kids came up with about what they would be doing in 50 years!

  2. Last year my students dressed up as if they were 100 years old. They were absolutely adorable. I loved the boys in boy ties the most! This year with the snow days it just didn't work out. Have a fun with your dual parties!

  3. We are celebrating our 100 days next Thursday! I am doing this project. I will take photos and show what mine look like too!


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