Worm Farm

Friday we explored with the earthworms for our Worm Farm!  They had a blast!  There were only two friends who didn't want to touch the worms.  Other kiddos moved a worm in front of them so they could use the magnifying glass to look at the worm.  I enjoyed listening to them.  Quotes: "Mrs. M - you know what?  Worms tickle!"  "When they stretch they get skinnier!"  "They go in and out to move."  You can check out my worm unit on TpT.

I use a clear aquarium to keep the worms in.  This way we can see the burrows.  We cover it with black paper so the light doesn't bother them.  We have spring break this upcoming week so they should have developed a lot of burrows by time we return.  I don't keep the worms for very long so I don't worry about drainage holes.  After we view them for awhile we put them in the garden.  It's amazing how fast they dig into the ground.  I don't really like touching worms myself and I never did on Friday.  The kids will do it all for you and they'll think you're the coolest teacher for bringing them in!!  Give it a try!

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