You Know You're a First Grade Teacher When... Linky Party

The Inspired AppleBabbling Abby at The Inspired Apple has a fun Linky Party!

You Know You're a First Grade Teacher When...

*go out to dinner with colleagues and all you can talk about is next week's curriculum.

*you spend your free time thinking about what insect or animal you can bring into the room.

*you go to a dollar store or the $1 section of Target and you're thinking, "How can I use this?"

*you have more love notes from 6 year olds than your husband!!

*you take your own children's McDonald toys to put into the treasure box!

*you go to rummage sales or Goodwill looking for "finds"!!

*you start a blog about teaching!!


  1. I'm with you on the love notes! Ha! Just don't tell B I said so ;)

  2. That darn $1 section at Target. It gets me every time!


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