My friend, Tammy and I run an after school reading program called Readopoly.  We run this program for children who are in special education and Tier 2 or 3.  We have a Readopoly board that is based on Monopoly.  We have it on the Smart board so get to roll gigantic dice.  It's so much fun!  Each street is an author name or topic.  When they land on the street they need to read the corresponding book or we have a reading game they play.  They earn money as they travel around.  They get to buy prizes with the money.  It's a great reading motivator.  This year Action Territory, a local amusement and game park, gave us a gift certificate for a party.  Since we had low enrollment this year we decided to take them all as reward rather than give the certificate to one person.  So this morning I'm off to play games and ride a bumper car!  This is going to be so much fun!

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  1. Wow! What a great idea! That sounds like something fun I could do for a club next year. Would you mind sharing how you do it and emailing me the details?


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