Technology Tools Linky Party!

Mrs. Snowden is hosting a Linky Party about your favorite techy thing to do in your class.

One of the things I love to do is a Life Timeline.  Students find a photo to represent each year of their lives.  These can be brought in as a physical photograph or what I love the most is if the parents email me the photos.

Here is a sample of a letter I sent home.  This letter doesn't include the emailing the photos.  You would need to add that.  With the letter I send home a page for each year of their lives.  They attach a photo and write a sentence about it.  Of course I can't find this document to attach it!

Using powerpoint I upload each photo in chronological order into a powerpoint.  Each picture is it's own slide.  This is the powerpoint.  I know it's plain but the kids are taught to change the background color and font style.  Then they each type their sentence that they had written at home. 

This project takes awhile but it has a fantastic output!
Sorry I don't have pictures of a finished project but I didn't think I should share all their personal pics!

Have fun trying it out!

1st Grade with Miss Snowden

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