3rd Annual Book Tea

I'm getting excited as we prepare for Fancy Nancy Book Tea tomorrow.  The kids have chosen their favorite story they wrote to read tomorrow to their families.  They will all be dressing up in their best clothes!  Tiaras and all!

I just finished copying the programs (click on programs to see a copy).  I'd give it to you in word but I use a downloaded font from Lettering Delights:  LD Curls and you may not have it.  If you'd like I can email it to you. 

Tonight I have to bake the brownies and make the lemonade.

We are making butterfly place mats for our fancy tables!  They will look so cute.  Each one unique.  The students fold a piece of big construction paper in half and then draw a capital letter B on the fold like a when you make a Valentine.  When they open it up it will have two wings.

We used sparkly sequins and tissue paper squares.  We worked on making them symetrical.

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