Fancy Nancy Book Tea

What a fun day in first grade! 

All dressed our fanciest!!
This is my fantastic team!

I put the desks together and cover with table clothes.  I put out the tea cups I got from the local Goodwill store, their placemats they made and their first grade memory book.

The memory book includes our class photo and the monthly handprint that they made.  I take photos throughout the year and you can see how they change as they grow.  I also have a picture of each student and myself taken.  I also have a letter that I wrote to the parents.  It's a special keepsake.

These are my greeters.  They welcome the parents and show them to their seats.  It was adorable.

Each kid introduced themself to the parents and told them the name of their story.  They then sat in the author chair and read their story.  They did a great job.

I buy the round cookies with holes in the middle so they can stick their pinkies out!  So classy!
What a wonderful time for the whole class.  They were so proud of their writing and that their families came to hear them!!

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