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I'm doing a unit on plants and seeds and I've already taught the plant parts.  You can see a past blog about that but I want to do something with seeds and I'm kind of blank right now.  The kids have been bringing in different kinds of seeds and I'd like to do something with them.  Any ideas? 

Has anyone ever seen a mango seed before?  I had a student bring one in and it looks like a big pod.  Is that correct?


  1. Yes, that is correct. At least that is what is at the center of every mango I have had.

    Whenever I have my students study seeds I have them complete a worksheet, (that I have at work, sorry) that has them match the seed to the plant it came from. Maybe you can make a sorting center where they sort seeds to the pictures of the fruit they belong to.

    You could also dissect the seeds and compare & contrast what they look like inside.

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  2. We just finished our plant unit. Here are 2 ideas we did with seeds. I put a variety of seeds in a cupcake tin and they had to guess what plants will grow from each seed. We also read the book My Garden and then I gave each child a seed, they glued it to their paper and then wrote When I plant this seed I hope to grow_____. Their answers were great. Check out my blog for pictures of these ideas and good luck!


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