We've been having fun with our plant unit.  About a week ago we put five bean seeds in bags and labeled them for different conditions.  We started with no water and water and then they decided they wanted no sun and no soil.  The soil is the paper towel in the baggie.  After the weekend they were really surprised by the results.  The bag with no soil, just water was growing better than the other ones.  Then we went to check the no sun which was in the closet and this one was growing out of control.  I guess the closet was pretty warm.  What a fun exploration.  We're going to plant the seeds to see if they keep growing.  I guess science isn't always exact.

We just planted grass seed.  We were going to use nylons and we filled them all up and then I realized I forgot to put the seed in first.  So unfortunately we had to do it without the nylons.  Today we added the potato head pieces from the teachers wife blog (Thanks).  They look so cute but I forgot to take a picture.  Does anyone know how long it takes grass to start sprouting?

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