Camping this Week!

I'm getting my classroom ready for camping next week!  The kids are really excited.  They're bringing their sleeping bags and flashlights!  We are going to be so busy this last week it's just going to fly by!  If you're interested in my End of the Year Camping Unit check it out at TpT.
These are lunch bags stuffed with newspaper and crinkled.
I used orange and yellow cellophane crinkled and then at the bottom I put a rubber band to keep it together.

Our school got 13 Promethean boards this year and we had the boxes they came in.  I'm planning on taking them to my church to use with the VBS program but they were sitting in my room so I thought - let's use them.  I put them together to make a cottage.  I bet they'll love it.  I wish I had the room to keep something like this up all the time.

I borrowed pop up tents and put them around the room so the kids can go buddy read in them!

For those of you who are already done - hope you're enjoying yourselves!
For us who are still teaching - it will be done soon!
For all of us - try not to think about next year already!  I know we can't do it!  I just wish I wasn't taking 6 grad credits so I had more time to think about next year!

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  1. Looks Cute. I can't wait to post my pictures too!

    PS. Walmart has great Camp Items for kids. I picked up a few.

    Primary Graffiti


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