Math Pocket Chart Cards and Tub Labels

I'm going to try the pocket chart next year for my math tubs. I'm using an old calendar pocket chart. I made these monkey theme cards to go along with my room.

I bought three drawer boxes from Menards that I'm going to use as my tubs.  The drawers are big enough to fit paper size and manipulatives.  I'm going to use packaging tape over these to attach to the drawers.

These are the cards that I'm going to use in my pocket chart. I'm only going to use 6-9 tubs but I made extra cards if you want those.


  1. Great! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. This may be a silly question, but how do I copy them to a document so that I can print them?

  3. Hello Allison,

    Click on the top right hand corner to open in a new screen. This will take you to google docs where you should be able to print from. "Not a silly question"! Thanks for browsing!


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