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Oceans of First Grade Fun is hosting a Linky Party on Calendar VS. Promethean Board

Here's what I do!

I got my new Promethean Board in January.  The placement of my board was put over my current calendar board so I decided to go away with the calendar board and put it on the Promethean.    I love it!  It is so convenient and everyone can see it. 

Each of our students have a folder that contains the month's calendar pages.  We follow ideas that on are Meecham's webpage.  This  is a direct link.  We like Barb's inserts.  Very cute songs.  I've typed these up on the Promethean board.

I went on Promethean Planet to get my calendar started and then went from there.  Here are snippets of my calendar.

WARNING! Don't put too much into the calendar even though you will find tons of really cute things.  It will make calendar time last way toooooo looonnngg.  I use to have a days of the week sequencing activity and a song to go with it.  I let them play the song once a week because it's so cool.  Found it on Youtube.  I had money counting and exchanges and more!

I have a "Top Banana" that is the Star Student for the week and this person is in charge of calendar for the week.  They do all the writing on the board and facilitate asking the class the questions.  The student writes the number on the day.  We circle every even day.  We also put in tally marks so if it's the 13th they put in 13 tally marks.  When the students click on the green smiley face they get to listen and sing along wth a month song I got from You Tube.  The clip art is from DJ Inkers. 

There are two pages for the birthdays. I'd like to add a link with a birthday song.  If there are no birthdays we just skip over this.

I use to have straws that I counted on the regular calendar board.  This has duplicated tens and ones and the buttons move the numbers up and down. This I got from Promethean Planet.

Every day we write in a number to keep count of the days of school.  There is a blank grid in the student folders for them to write in the numbers too.

This song comes from Meecham's site.  I wrote the song and the students have copies in there folders.  Then I added the box to get the students involved.  We didn't do all the words on one day.  We did it over a week so it doesn't take too long.

If a student loses a tooth we tally it.  The students have a graphing sheet in there folder.  I may change this next year to show the whole year at a time.

The students drag a square to the correct spot.  These can be printed out if you'd like to save the whole year.  The students have this in their folders too.

For next year I reput up my hundred's grid chart and a days of the week poster.  I'm also looking for a months poster so that these resources are available all the time.  Like a word wall  This is under the Promethean Board.  I also have a regular calendar on my teacher board so we can always find out the date even if we don't have the board on.

Hope this was helpful for all you Promethean and Smart board users.


  1. Thanks for linking up with me! This post is full of good ideas.
    Ms. A

  2. What great ideas! I have a smart board and will definitely refer to your calendar routine when I start planning!

  3. Great ideas! I am looking forward to Daily 5 ideas. I am just starting to read the book & hopefully will start next school year.

    Mel D

    Oh the Places We’ll Go


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