Smores are Smo Smessy!

I'm just getting around to looking at some very cute photos of my kiddos eating smores that we made in class.  We started by having the students tell me how to make smores.  I would then do exactly what they told me.  We made the smores in the microwave.  They quickly found out they needed to be specific with their directions.  I was told to put the marshmallows on the chocolate.  Of course I didn't take them out of the packages.  After a lot of laughs.  They gave me correct directions and I wrote them down on the Promethean board.  We were successful in making smores.  They each made one. 

Have you seen the new marshmallows that are FLAT!  Specifically made for the microwave!  I couldn't believe it.  They worked great!  I made smores in the microwave with the regular marshmallows and they blow up a lot more than these.  It's fun to watch but a lot messier.

He has two marshmallows because he's allergic to chocolate - gooey fun!

Watching it blow up!!

Here's the campfire with the lights out!  The kiddos loved this.  I brought the campfire home and had a campout with my own family.  What a blast!

Here are some of my little readers.  They just loved reading in all the tents and special spaces.  Wish I had the room to keep this up all year!

Well I've had fun reminiscing!  Now I have to go back to working on my grad classes!  Ugh!!


  1. Looks like your kids are having a blast.


  2. I have got to go wake up my son and tell him about those marshmallows! We have tried to make inside smores so many times and once we had a flaming marshmallow and he was running through the house with it because he did not know what to do! When I think of smores I always remember that and it makes me laugh and smile.


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