My Target $ Finds

I was inspired by Mrs. Perry to head off to Target.  Even though I shouldn't have.  I really had to hold myself back on all the cute containers and buckets.  I didn't really need them but wanted them!  Anyone looking for book boxes for their students there are some great ones that are similiar to the ones I bought from Really Good Stuff!

I bought the grow capsules for a writing idea that was shared by First Grade Brain!  I did this last year and the kids loved it!  I liked the variety. 

Love all the Dr. Seuss stuff.  I had a lot more but I made myself put it back.  I got these for prizes for the week of Dr. Seuss' birthday!

I have been using a lot of green and purple this coming year with my jungle theme.  I wish the ribbons were purple but they are just adorable.

These I actually bought for my 11 year old daughter.  She likes to play school with her little brothers.  She has set her walk in closet up into a classroom.  It's adorable.  She wanted to use these in her room and I couldn't resist.  Then a blog posted worksheets to go along with them.  I have been searching for who posted it and I can't find them so if someone knows that would be great!  I printed them off for her and she couldn't wait to go "to school"!


  1. here's that link in case anyone else is looking for it, or missed it before...

  2. From looking at the container it should be an easy fix to change out the ribbon on the container to match your theme. Awesome finds!

    Primary Connections

  3. Our Target dollar spot is still full of summer stuff! I can't wait til we get ou Back to School shipment in and put out... I check every day! LOL I am leaving for Florida tomorrow, maybe I will find it down South!

  4. Awwww...I used to play school and my closet was my classroom too! I love the dotted line stamps!
    ~The Sweet Life of Third Grade


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