Pool Party for my son

My son is having his 10th birthday party tomorrow with his friends.  He's having a pool party.  He wanted me to do the Theme Percy Jackson and the Olympians.  He loved all the books.  I started out well with the invitations but the cake was another story.  I wasn't feeling talented enough to make Mount Olympias so I went for a ocean scene instead.  He loves it.
I found the ocean animals at Kmart.  I used Swedish fish too.
Our family are Packer fans but Josh is a Bear fan.  So the green and yellow bears are going to get eaten by the shark.  He wanted the orange and blue bears to be in the raft but there were no blue bears so we used red! 


  1. GREAT cake! I LOVE making theme cakes - I've got to make a "magic" cake for my daughter's 8th birthday next week ...

  2. Very cute!

    Thanks for all the ideas. I am new to blogging and I am completely addicted because of blogs like yours:)



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