Library Update!!

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

I've been working on my classroom library with all your wonderful suggestions.  I found great library categories from Mrs. Will's Kindergarten.  She has other labels available too.  Thank you for sharing DeeDee!!

 I put new labels on my guided reading boxes that I got from Ladybug's Teacher Files.  I used her square ones but she also has them in circles.  I love all these freebies to help me out.  The problem I am having is I am running out of shelving.  I may try to make more if I find the time.

 The top shelf has the baskets that I bought from Target for $2.50 each!  I try to stick the coordinating stuffed animal into the bin.  In the Laura Numeroff box I put the moose and the mouse.  The larger bins I got from Lakeshore Learning.  I also like the organizers from The Calloway House.  It's an organizers heaven.

 I started going onto my built in shelves for more spaces but I really wanted to use that shelf for my math supplies.  So I think I need to make more shelves. 

I mounted the labels on jungle scrapbooking paper.  After I did that the labels are now too big for my smaller boxes.  I am so bummed.  I'm going to have to trim them.  Well I still have work to do but I am on my way.

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