Meet Me ~~ The Teacher

Tell Me a Little Something About You...

I'm Lori from Little Priorities.  My husband and I came up with this name because of our own children.  We were not able to have children and through foster care and domestic adoption we have been blessed with a beautiful family.  Every day brings a new challenge to raising five rambunctious children.  We are tired most days!!  However, we wouldn't change it. Two girls ages 11 and 9, Three boys ages 10, 5, and 3.  The girls want another girl to make it even.  So not happening!
How long have you been teaching?

I have been teaching for 18 years.  I taught Kindergarten Title I for one year in Illinois and the rest of my career has been in the same school.  I have taught special education K-8 for 5 years, 2nd grade for 1 year and the rest has been with my cute little firsties!  I don't see myself changing grades any time soon.

You might not know...

I'm an avid scrapbooker!  I used to sell for Creative Memories for over 5 years while I was raising three kids under the age of 3.  I can't believe I did that.  I have at least 10 completed albums with 10 more in progress.  I host a monthly scrapbook night with all my friends  Sometimes we don't get a lot of scrapping done because we're talking too much!

What are you looking most forward to this year?

I'm looking forward to being more organized.  I have been purging and reading other blogs to get some tips.  I'm a confessed paper piler!  I struggle with putting paper away!  I am hoping I am better at it this year.

What do you need to improve?

Starting with keeping organized!  I should join a support group!

I started with math rotations last year and I want to work on this.  I work so hard on reading and I want to give math the equal justice it deserves.  I'm going to try the math stations with Debbie Diller.

What teaching supplies can I not live without?

I Love Love Love my Promethean Board!!  I've had it for a year and I can't imagine teaching any other way!!  The kids love to work on it and it totally keeps their attention.

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  1. Sounds like you have your hands full! I to am a paper piler - fill us in if you ever find a magic wand that takes care of this for you!
    Spotlight on Kindergarten


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