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I have 26 days left before school starts!  Which is a lot more than most of you as I'm reading your blogs!  I went in last night to see what my room looks like and do some laminating.  My room didn't look as bad as I thought.

The pics are from my phone and a bit dark - sorry!

This photo is looking in from the door.  My desk is in that corner against the wall.  I chose to get it out of the way and I sit in it a lot less since the students don't have good access to it.  My promethean board is on this wall and this is where we do all our group work. 
This photo was taken also from the door looking to the left.  I put my desks in a horseshoe.  I love how all kids can see all the time and I can look at each one when I'm in the middle.  We do a lot of our group work on the floor or tables.  My library area is in that corner.  I need to move some furniture around there.  We make a map of how we want our room after they clean it and they put our furniture where we want it.  I love it!  Only a couple of boxes.  Not sure where the other ones are.

This photo is taken from standing at my desk.  I have stuff on the back counter to clean off.  At least my bulletin board are done!  I bought a zebra print lamp shade to replace the ugly pink one and it's a different kind of lamp attachment.  Bummer!

Well - I'm off to go buy some soccer cleats for my sons.  Have a great weekend!


  1. We must be going back on the same day! I'm feeling really guilty because I haven't gone it yet, but I will this week. I love your bulletin board colors! Your room is in great shape you are so lucky! :)

  2. Your room looks great. You are so far ahead of the game. At my school we have a refresher summer school going on last week and this so I've been working in the room. The kids come on the 24th so I have some time to get things done. Thanks for sharing.

  3. LAdy's don't feel bad about going back later. I felt very GUILTY when I was out and you all were still working.

    Ms. M
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