Talking - Talking - Talking

I need some help!!  My class loves to talk.  They talk at every moment they have.  What are you experts doing out there to control the talking?  Our guidance counselor gave a lesson on talking over other people and they talked during her lesson.  I was so embarrassed.

Please help!!


  1. Sometimes I do a strike 1, strike 2, and strike 3 when they get out of control. Strike one they lose a little recess. Strike 2 they lose half, and strike 3 is all. There's also a system I've done before with real rowdy classes. You have christmas lights hanging up, connected to a giant timer (which is set to however long recess is and counts down) and a wire remote to control it. Whenever they are being "rowdy" you turn the lights on and it ticks down their recess time.

  2. I do a system like the strikes mentioned above as well. I use a stop sign with red (no talking) yellow (whisper) and green (quiet chatting) but I'm not sure if it'll stop "rowdy" ones! I have voice issues and have been using a game where I sing "everybody do this, do this do this...everybody do this just like me" while I'm doing something like clapping. Then I choose someone to lead the next movement so then it's "everybody do this, do this..etc everybody do this just like _____"
    Good luck!

  3. I use a music box. I wind it up at the beginning of the day and any time the talking is too much, too loud, whatever, I open the box. When it's better, I close it. If we still have music left at the end of the day, the students get a licorice or a starburst (donated by the families). This did not work with my class last year -- I had to use table points and the winning table got the treat. :) GOOD LUCK!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  4. I LOVE Kristin's idea! That sounds so great!

    Maybe do a lesson about "whole body listening"? I did the lesson from Growing Kinders "The Monster that went to school" and my kiddos love it.

    Maybe read "Have you filled a bucket" and tell you students that they dip buckets when they talk when someone else is talking.

    Maybe shower them with positive reinforcement??? Like, reward all of those who are quiet and not talking?

  5. Please forgive me, but I laughed when I read "Our guidance counselor gave a lesson on talking over other people and they talked during her lesson." That would SO happen to me!

    As my kinders have gotten to know each other, they have become extremely chatty. If they arrive in this mode, I ask a "turn and talk" question at morning circle. Many times, that will hold them until 10am recess. I use a stoplight card on the white board for work activities. Seeing the noise level indicator seems to help my class.

    Have you tallied up the birth order positions of your students? I have a small class, but 70% are only children or first-borns. They like to share their opinions!


  6. I just blogged about you and gave you the blog on fire award! :)

  7. Hello!

    My name is Missy Kennedy and I teach third grade. I am part of the postcard exchange and wanted to let you know about my class.

    Our school is Parkview Baptist School and is located in Baton Rouge, the capitol of Louisiana. We are celebrating our 30th birthday this year and are the largest private school (non-parochial) in the state.

    We are excited about getting to know more about your class. I have a postcard exchange page on my blog and hope you visit. We have some questions for you to answer listed on that page. I will post as I receive postcards.

    Looking forward to meeting you and your class,

    Mrs. Kennedy
    The Kennedy Korral Blog

  8. I am a first year Kindergarten teacher and I have a very talkative bunch as well. I have a few different solutions I use with them when they're getting too chatty or loud. I have taught them that the proper voices and behavior to use in the classroom are considered "kindergarten" and any improper behavior is considered "pre-k." My little ones are so funny, when the room is getting loud, they'll start saying "it sounds like pre-k in here!" I also have a chant that we do before each lesson, or when I know they need a little break. It's called "Wiggles and Giggles" and they are allowed to dance and move as much as they want (as long as they stay in their carpet squares) while we say our chant. First we whisper it, then we scream it as loud as we can "We're ready, we're movin', we're in the zone, we're groovin'!" After they get their screams out, they know it is time to sit quietly and focus. I also have a "Good Job Jar" which I fill with glass marbles when I catch them behaving properly. Sometimes at the beginning of a lesson I'll give each of them a marble and they can hold it in their hand, sit on it, put it in their pocket, as long as I do not see it during the lesson. If any students misbehave during the lesson, I simply put my hand out to them (as I continue to teach) and they know to give me the marble back. At the end of the lesson, the students who still have their marbles get to put them in the Good Job Jar! They love it! I hope some of these are useful for you; I am constantly coming up with new strategies to try with my very chatty 15 boys and 4 girls! Yikes! :)

  9. Everyone has a lot of great ideas. I've tried a few but I know consistency is key.

    Couple of questions??

    How do you hook up the christmas lights and timer?

    How do you do the turn and talk that it lasts that long?

    Thanks again!

  10. I started a 'competition' with my little guys...Me versus them. Every time we need to get ready to listen, if they are ready first they get a tally mark. If I wait for them, I get a tally mark. If they win at the end of the day, they get extra play time the next day :)


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