Wish I had tomorrow off!

In my district we do not get off for Martin Luther King Jr Day.  My husband does however!  I guess he gets a day of peace!  I need this day to recuperate from all the cooking I did this weekend!  I've been following some blogs that have freezer cooking on them so I thought I'd give it a try.  I have a family of 7 so it cost us over $30 just to go to McDonald's!  So I'm hoping this will help me when I am dog tired from teaching and still be able to provide a good meal!

This is what I made:
  • Boiled 3 whole chickens and shredded the meat
  • Made about 35 cups of chicken broth
  • French Toast (put in the freezer for the toaster)
  • Bagged the shredded chicken I didn't use
  • Chicken and Rice Soup
  • Potato Soup (in crockpot)
  • Taco Soup (ready for the crockpot)
  • Chicken Enchiladas (or as my daughter says "chinchillas"!)
  • Lasagna
  • Browned Hamburger
  • Cut up veggies for the crockpot 
  • Broccoli Chicken Rice Casserole (we're eating this tonight)!
  • Twiced Baked Potatoes

    Add if I get off the couch I'm going to make peanut butter chocolate chip muffins.  My husband asked if we could eat it all now!  :)

    Sorry this post doesn't have to do with teaching but I'm off to Pinterest to check out the MLK ideas.  I know I saw a lot out there!  Some of the recipes I did are on there too!

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    1. Love this... we used to fo that a lot!

    2. WOW! That's awesome food prep!
      Sorry you don't have the day off! Bummer!=(
      First Grade Blue SKies


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