Puppy "Not" Contractions! Freebie!

This week we are working with the -y sound at the end of the word and not contractions so I combined the two and made a contraction booklet.  I use the Treasure Series.  If you want the booklet it's only $1.75 at TpT.

We've been working on contractions for a few weeks so they should be able to complete these independently.  It will be a good evaluation!

Here's a freebie of one of the pages!  Click on it!


  1. After reading your profile I was very interested in asking you questions about the Multiple Disabilities class that you teach. I am a totally blind pre-k teacher, but I've taught kindergarten for many years as well. My county just shot a video of me, and if you'd like to see it it's on my blog.

    Thanks. I hope you can stop by.

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT


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