Tired and the leprechauns are coming!

Boy am I tired tonight!  And when I was putting my 6 year old to bed he reminded me that we needed to make a leprechaun trap!!!  Oops!  I guess I'll get that started and finish it with him in the morning!  Why do we teachers assign this stuff! :)

Good thing I bought the St. Patrick's Clipart from The 3AM Teacher!!  I guess I'll be up until 3 AM finishing a trap!  I'd say I'll post a picture of it but we'll see if it's photo worthy!

Graphics by The 3AM Teacher


Wish Me Luck!


  1. I hope you post a picture! :) Good luck tired momma!!!

  2. My husband stepped up to the plate and helped make it! However, I forgot to take a picture! Hopefully, his teacher did!


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