Be Funky!!

Well I tried some technology with the kids art work.  A website called Be Funky has a lot of possibilities.

The students pencil drew a spring picture, traced it with black marker and then painted it with water paints.

I took pictures of each students work so we could upload them into Be Funky.  That took a little bit of time. I put the photos in a shared file so each child would have access and labeled them with their names.  I thought I was really planned and organized and then the tech guy updated the computers but forgot to add in flash.  So one bank of computers wouldn't work!  Ugh!  The best laid plans... 

After they uploaded the photos they were able to make effects on their art work.  Here are some examples:

Kind of wild and funky - heh??

Tomorrow we're going to mount them and then write a couplet poem about spring. I'll post finished projects hopefully tomorrow.


  1. These are so awesome, your kiddies must love how they turned out!! I hadn't heard of Be Funky until now, thank you so much for sharing!! I am so excited to get my kiddies to use the site to change their artworks, what a fabulous way of integrating technology and visual arts it! Happy end of the week to you.
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  2. The kids loved it. Printing them however is a bit tricky. I didn't find a standard printing option. So I saved them as a jpg and then I put it in Picassa to print it. If you find a better way to print it let me know! Thanks! Have fun!!


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