Inspired Pinterest Mother's Day Project

I know it's too late for this year - but this was an inexpensive and easy activity and they turned out so cute.

Right now these 6"x6" white tiles are on sale at Menard's for 39 cents each.  So I'm going this weekend to pick them up for next year!  We used acrylic paint from the art room and Sharpie markers.  So easy!

Write words on first!  This is mine but let the kids do the writing.

Index finger for grass.

Then add the bugs!  Let them dry and add the details.

We wrapped them in tissue paper and attached a card that came from Look What I Wrote!  I love the projects in this book.  This must be out of print.  The link is to Amazon.  A new copy costs $244.00  - I suggest you buy it used!  The binding in this book breaks easily so they may be falling apart when you buy it but the pages are great!

I don't know about you but I always make more patterns or copies than I need.  I hate to throw them out so this is how I store them.  I put all the pieces in a ziploc bag along with the printable masters.  

I have three drawers: Fall, Winter and Spring Projects.  It's getting pretty full with all the wonderful ideas I find on the web so I may need to get a bigger system.  I also do this with all my reading craftivities.  I keep these in big bins for each unit. 

Have a blessed weekend and Mother's Day!!

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  1. aw I bet you have a lot of happy moms thinking loving thoughts of you this weekend!


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