Rockin' Resources LInky Party and a freebie

Teacher Idea Factory is hosting a linky party of the things we cannot live with out!  I'm always looking for new ideas so hopefully I use something you would like!

My Top 5 Resources

1.  Lettering Delights - If you sign up you get $40 worth of  free products.  I love using their fonts.
LD Elementary is one of my favorites!!  I like that the letter a and g are made the way I want the kids to write.  If you use the trainer set below and type shift underscore you get a blank line and you can adjust the sizes.  Click on the fonts to go these sets.

2.  InkJoy Papermate Pens  -  I love how they write.  They are so smooth!  They're a little bit expensive so keep an eye out for thieves!!  I like the 700RT better than the 300RT but both are great!

3.  Clipboards!  My students use them all the time.  Write the Room, Sitting at the Circle and Choosing to Write in a personal spot!  I found them for a good price at Sam's Club.

4.  My Assessment Binder from Zazzle!  I keep all my Daily Five assessment in here.  I need to order more. Not only is it really cute but they are well made.  I'll have to keep my eye out for a sale.  Let me know if you hear about one.

5.  My Daily Communication system with my parents about homework and behavior.  I am using a blurt chart and a clip chart for behavior.  It has been very useful for me.  This class has been hard to manage and these three items have helped me the most.

Every time they talk out they remove a smiley face, after three they move down on the behavior chart.

Can't remember who shared this!  But I love it.

I added a reward part.  If they are on green.  They get one sticker.  On blue they get two stickers, on purple they earn three stickers.  After five stickers they get a small prize:  gumball, sticker, pencil, tootsie roll etc...  This really has helped.

This is my homework sheet that goes in their T.I.G.E.R. Folder:  Today I Have Everything Ready!  This folder goes home everyday.  Here's a previous post about it.  Click below to get a pdf version.  Sorry I can't provide it writable.  The margins would get all messed up.

6.  Of course I couldn't live without my Promethean Board but that's not easily available for all!  

Hope you are all having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  Today I cleaned my boys' dressers out!  Not the most fun but productive!!


  1. Great resources! I love that font from Lettering Delights!!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. **GASP** that font is fabulous. I have been on Lettering Delights, but walked away because I wasn't sure of their policies. After reading your post, I am so ready for a for a re-visit!!! I dork out over fonts! Thanks so much for joining the party :)

    Kelley "Following You" Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

    1. They do have a policy on reselling. They sell licenses for each font if you want.

  3. Hi, loving the No Monkey Business behaviour board idea. Please could you tell me what you have on each section of the jungle boards, as I can't see the photo too clearly. Either that, or where I could download the resource.
    Many thanks xx

    1. Could you please give me your email address so I can email you some help? On my TpT you can get a download of the No Monkey Business sticker progress chart. I use this chart to reward for good days. If they stay on Green I give them one sticker, Blue = 2 stickers, Purple = 3 stickers. At the beginning of the year I start with rewarding for 5 stickers and as the year increases they have to earn more stickers. The prizes are small (candy jar, pencil, stickers, gumball).

    2. Oops here's the link:


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