PBIS Training for my Firsties

Today our principal took all of our firsties to go over the positive behavior interventions and supports that have been developed for our school.  They practiced walking in the hall, lunchroom and playground behaviors.  I took some photos that I'm going to post to help remind them what the right way looks like.

Walking in line on the right side of the hall with personal space.

 How to walk our trays to the garbage can and empty them.  Then put them in the kitchen area.

I know you can't tell but they are riding the bus!!

The kids all sat there so nice and listened!  With our whole school following the same plan it's so nice.
We have three main rules:
Be Safe
Be Respectful
Be Responsible

We have reward tickets that anyone in the whole school can write out for anyone else.  The younger kids will  get small rewards from a drawing more often than the older students.  There are also big prizes as pizza parties, donuts, recess etc..

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