Writing Folders and a Freebie

Sweet-n-Sassy shared this great idea to connect two folders together to make it have 4 pockets.  Click photo above to go to her link on how to make these.  I couldn't wait to make these!  I first tried to make them with the poly-plastic folders!  That didn't work.  They are too strong and won't bend backwards!  I was bummed but didn't give up!  Back to the store I went and purchase the cheaper fastener folders and wha-la - I have writing folder.  Here are mine!
In the Prewriting Pocket we store our dictionary and a booklet of 6 Traits songs.  This will also be where we store our idea booklet that we are working on and any graphic organizers.
 In the center, I taped the writing rubric that I made.  You can purchase my Monthly Journal Packet to get this rubric and the desk helper that I tape to their desks.  Click the photo below to go to my shop.

Get your own set of labels by clicking here! 
Use Avery 8563 shipping labels size 2x4".

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