Writing Workshop and Free Word Order Mini-lesson

I love teaching writing!  I love when you tell the kids to put their work away you hear a sigh from the kids!

This week we worked on word order and writing complete sentence.

These desk helpers are taped to each child's desk.  Before I send them off to write we sign this song.

Every sentence starts with a capital.
Ends with a period.
Has spaces in between.

Every sentence starts with a capital.
Ends with a period.

(I think the tune is "The Old Gray Mare")  They point to the desk helper as we sing.  At this point of the mini lessons we haven't gotten into details yet.

If you want the desk helper it's part of my Monthly Writing Journals Pack.
TpT or TN

Now for the word order!

We started with a mini-lesson on the Promethean Board on word order.
You can get this mini-lesson for Free!  Click here!

Then we did the activity of Scrambled Sentences on TPT or (TN). The kids got so excited when they saw the eggs around the room.  I put the kids into small groups and gave them an egg carton.  They went searching for their colored eggs. 
My green group couldn't find one egg.  It rolled under the pocket chart stand! 

Then the group emptied the eggs.  Each egg contained a word.  They put the words in order to make a complete sentence.  

After the words were in the correct order, students recorded the sentence on the worksheet.

After they wrote the sentence they used the self-checker at the bottom.  When a student gave it to me checked but hadn't really looked at the writing.  I worked individually with them.  It enforces their independent learning of this.

Then they illustrated the sentence that they wrote.  Today we only did sentences with 6 words.  I also have sentences with 12 or 18 that I will use later and I will be able to differentiate the groups.

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