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Sorry I haven't been blogging for a bit.  Life just seems to get away from me once in awhile!!

We had our Thanksgiving Play and Feast on November 16th.  They did a really cute job!  After we performed they ate their Stone Soup that they made the day before!  The parents also supplied veggies and dip, fruit platters, sausage, cheese and crackers, bread and butter, jello and pumpkin desserts.  It was all delicious!

Non-standard Measurement!  

The kids were having such fun!  I used part of a measurement booklet from Missy Gibbs on TpT.  It was FREE! Thank you Missy!    Each student measured their own foot with cubes. Then they traveled to different stations and used teddy bears, post-it notes, paper clips, pennies and cubes to measure a ruler.  Missy has them measure a line of tape but I decided to save on tape.  My school has been rationing our tape consumption!  It worked really well.  What I liked the most was them practicing putting items end to end.  When we move to the ruler they always struggle with putting their finger down to keep their spot when they move their ruler.
 In their booklets the students first had to estimate how many it would take to fill the ruler.  We went through the whole booklet together before I let them move to a station.  That way they couldn't cheat! :)

Simple machines

  Our district hasn't taught this for a few years in first grade so this year we are adding it back in.  Started with reading about push and pull.  Click to get this book at Amazon.  Used toy cars to show the force of hard and soft.  That was fun!

We only have one week to teach simple machines so my team decided to teach 3 simple machines: lever, pulley and wheel and axle.  We are trying something new!  I taught levers to my class today and tomorrow we are rotating classes.  I will teach levers again tomorrow and Friday to the other two classes and my class will learn about the other two simple machines.  I get to be an expert on levers! Ha!

This book was in our library but I am looking for some better books for next year!  Any suggestions?
We have a demonstration set for simple machines.  Click the photo to go to Nasco.  They are not cheap but they work pretty good in explaining.  
The best part was letting the kids hammer a nail into a 2x4 and then use the claw to remove it.  They used 2 levers!  Lots of laughter with this!  Tap Tap Tap!  They were afraid to hit too hard!  Only one tapped finger!

I will try to be a better blogger!  Thanks for visiting and putting up with long post!  

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