Updated and Better Seed and Plant Unit and a FREEBIE

I am so excited to have updated my Seed and Plant Unit.  I added some math centers and word wall work and added some really cute clipart!  I'm hoping to update more of my units this summer!

At this point of the year I'm trying to step up the math and I'm introducing double digit addition with no regrouping.  We done this previously with the 100s grid and blocks but now I'm just going to teach it the old fashioned way!  So I made a center for this and a worksheet to test them independently after they complete the center.  
Students will add the double digit problems on the petals and put them around the correct potted plant.  The pedals are self-checking!


There are two levels for the Place Value Write the Room.  The recording sheets have pictures to correlate to the level so they know which card to look for.

Of course I kept in my wonderful Mr. Potato Head pieces that my brother drew for me!  He's an awesome artist!   Add these to your plant cups for a lot of fun!
If you're interested please stop by either of my shops!
TpT or TN

Here's the freebie I promised you!  It's part of my Seeds and Plant Unit.  If you like this word bingo you can get more at TpT and TN for $2.00.  Click on the picture to get your freebie!

Well my break is almost over and back to the kiddos!  Tomorrow, I'm scrapbooking all day with my friends!  Enjoy the rest of your time off!

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